matching text within 2 columns of 2 different worksheets to return row values in 3rd

  • Dear friends. I need your help in this.
    There are 3 worksheets here. BillExpenses, BillPayments and PV.
    I used data validation to create a drop down list in the PV worksheet under PV NO. the source has been used from worksheet BillExpenses. The source formula can be viewed in column K.
    I need to fill in the headings called Account Title, A/C Code, Project Code, Debit and Credit in the PV template.
    I have used vlookup formula to work on the PV template from BillExpenses worksheet.
    I am stuck now at using the BillPayments worksheet.

    I need to match Column C [BillID] of BillExpenses worksheet with that of Column A [ID] of BillPayments worksheet.
    The BillPayment column A shows to sets of numbers where you can see it matches with one of Column C of BillExpenses worksheet.

    I want to match not just the columns but to identify the similar text or number and then to return the values of that row where it matches (from the BillPayments worksheet) and post the values in the PV worksheet under my desired rows.

    So i need values in the PV worksheet in the 11th row.

    excel file is attached to test.

    Kindly help me in this and I will be utmost grateful folks.
    The excel file is also attached may you want to view the formulas used or to test it.

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