Pivot Table question

  • Hi,

    I am really far in the retreival of data from a pivot table, i am using the concatenate funtion together with getpivot data to get my data from the pivot, as shown below:

    =GETPIVOTDATA(FloorCareSalesAnalysis,CONCATENATE($I$38," ",$G$37," ",$D$6," ",$D$7," ",E38," "))

    where the different cells contain changeble values by means of comboboxes. I use a Named Range to refer to the pivot. However, i want to use also here the cell content of a particular cell, so i can determine which pivot table the formula has to look to. i cannot get it running with a normal cell reference like below, because then the formula expects the pivot table there directly, see below.
    =GETPIVOTDATA(E5,CONCATENATE($I$38," ",$G$37," ",$D$6," ",$D$7," ",D38," "))

    is there a way to make this also variable, in other words dependable on the content of cell e5 i refer to different pivot tables?

    I know this is a though one, but i hope you can solve.



  • So far i found a solution with the If formula nested in the above formulas, but this limits the possiblities. This one works,
    also included iserror.

    see below, any others?

    =IF(ISERROR((GETPIVOTDATA(IF(E5="GarmentCareSalesAnalysis",GarmentCareSalesAnalysis,FloorCareSalesAnalysis),CONCATENATE($I$38," ",$G$37," ",$D$6," ",$D$7," ",E38," ")))),"-",(GETPIVOTDATA(IF(E5="GarmentCareSalesAnalysis",GarmentCareSalesAnalysis,FloorCareSalesAnalysis),CONCATENATE($I$38," ",$G$37," ",$D$6," ",$D$7," ",E38," "))))

  • Hi Jack

    You can try the INDIRECT function, which returns a cell reference from a text value.


    where cell E5 holds the name of the Named Range.


  • Hi Fredrik, and forum!

    thanks a lot for your help!

    I wanted to show you the result.

    See enclosed a way how you can perfectly build interactive reporting on
    various pivot tables, and one of the solution to the fact excel cannot consolidate pivot tables that easily!!


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