Hide particular cell, Not its Column or Row

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    I would like to hide a particular cell. How can I do that. I don't want to hide the column and row associated with that particualr cell address. Can anyone guide me in this?


  • Hi

    You could format the cell, giving it the same color as the background and then set the hidden property to true (in the Protection tab) and then finally protect the worksheet.


  • It depends what you mean by Hide.

    If you use a white font the contents will not be view on the sheet or printed. But will be visible in the formula bar when the cell is selected. You can also use the custom format ;;; to do the same.

    To stop the contents showing in the formula bar you need to protect the cell and use the hidden option then protect the sheet.



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  • Thanks for all your help.

    I want to hide the contents of a particualr cell such that its contenst are not visibke to anyone, anywahere in Excel.

    I don't see any hidden property on my Protection tab. I am missing something!!!

    I am using Excel 2000 SP3.


  • Hi Ram

    To see the Hidden checkbox, go to Format>Cells>Protection. However, this does not hide cells, it simply stops the content of the cell (e.g formulas) being shown in the Formula bar, or when you double click the cell. As with the Locked Property you must apply sheet Protection for it to take affect.

    As Neale has also pointed out, you can use a Custom Number format of ;;; in addition to using the Hidden Property.

    There is also Format>Conditional Formatting for more flexibilty.

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