Hiding Workbook title bars when 2 workbooks arranged horizontally?

  • Hi!

    I am using 2 excel workbooks arranged horizontally to view a lot of data on a single screen and have a requirement to use as much space as possible.
    In case a single excel workbook is open, the name of the program viz. Excel and the Workbook name are displayed in a single title bar. Using the code below, I have been able to remove this single Excel Title bar.

    However, in case 2 workbooks are open (and arranged horizontally) in the same instance of Excel, there is an overall Excel window with a title bar (which my code has been able to remove), and then each workbook opens in a window of its own and each workbook has a title bar.

    I need help in removing these 2 Workbook title bars. Am posting the code in the hope that it would give some idea to remove the excel workbook title bars as well.

    Sample file having code attached for reference.
    Also, it seems Ozgrid does not allow upload of pictures so I am unable to upload screenshot of the Workbook title bars that I want removed, but if you open 2 workbooks, arrange them horizontally (use Alt+W+A+O and Enter) and then run my code, you will know which bars to be removed.

    Please note: I am not looking for a simple full screen mode alone, but more than that.


  • Re: Hiding Workbook title bars when 2 workbooks arranged horizontally?

    yup, already did tht and it doesn't help.
    tht's what I meant when I said I m not luking for a simple vanilla full screen

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