VBA Sum Figures Based On Row Heading

  • Hi, I wonder whether someone could help me please.

    Using a solution from @AB33 from a post I made here: http://www.excelforum.com/exce…atch-column-headings.html, I've been able to put together a script which sums specific figures if a date field matches a column heading.

    In a live environment, I've also been able to make some changes to this line,

    If a(i, 2) = "C&R" Then

    to take account of additional filters I want to apply to the data extracted from the 'Source' to the 'Destination' sheets.

    I've now come across another hurdle, which I'm afraid my knowledge, or lack of it has led me to hear.

    What I'm trying to achieve is as follows:

    • Rather than totalling the figures from Column E on the "In Flight Projects" (Source) sheet, where the value in Column D matches the column headers on "Output" (Destination) sheet,
    • I would, if at all possible please, total the figures from Column E on the "In Flight Projects" sheet where the value in Column B on the "In Flight Projects" sheet matches the rows in Column B on the "Output" sheet.

    I just wondered whether someone could possibly look at this please and offer some guidance on how I may achieve this.

    I appreciate that my description may not be the most straight forward, so I have placed a file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6ox…%20Categories%20Test2.xls

    • The "In Flight Projects" sheet contains the raw data.
    • The "Desired Output" sheet illustrates how I'd like the final results to look, and
    • The "Output" sheet is being used to test the code.

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