Getting a name from a Value

  • I have a file where I have to input new values each month. The name of the customer may sometimes change so I can't use a VLookup to extract the information.

    What I was thinking of doing was inserting a new column to create the new names as the VLookup Source.

    For example, in July Customer's name was Aethis for 32,956. On the source document from where I have to extract the information the this same amount falls under the name eXpanded Media.

    I had to manually type in the 32,956 under Aethis. I thought of using something like this:


    I used the array for column E because that's where all the values were located. I used the offet because eXpanded Media was in Column A. I don't know how to use the offset function so it may be wrong.

    I couldn't use a Vlookup to bring in the eXpanded Media because the spreadsheets are not set-up for the VLookup to work.

    thanks for your help.

  • It's not clear, at least to me, what you're after. Can you post some sample data (a few rows and columns) and explain what you expect as your result?

  • Attached file

    Here is the a file which gives an idea of what I need.

    The top section is where the source information in one tab.

    I need to create another worksheet (the second, or "destination", range) with the values that are in USD.

    What kind of formula can I use to "pull" in the information in column C so I can use a Vlookup to extract the values in column G. Or, is there a simplier way?


  • Sorry bearcub, I don't open attachments. If you care to post some sample data in plain text (some rows and columns, etc.), I'll see if I can help.


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