Is there ANY way to protect code?

  • I know that VBA passwords can be hacked in just a few minutes. Is there ANY way to protect/hide VBA code? A different approach?
    I have some clients ($$) for an Excel/VBA app but don't want them viewing, modifying or redistributing the code.

  • Hi,

    Even if they come to know your come it is ok, because the logic you use also to be understand by other. No one will have time to rewrite or break.

    In vba you are been paid for your Logic, and service you give , not for code.

    If you are earning on code you are on luck.

  • Egad,

    Yes a VBA module can be hacked fairly quickly and I am pretty good at it.

    (I could acctualy sell you an addin that does it if I were that way inclined, but I never told you that OK).

    The best way to deter or I guess confuse a hacker is to give them a password that then needs to be deciphered.

    What does that mean??

    Well for example lets say you have a password: "EgadsSpecialPassword"

    If I were to hack the file with this password on the VBA code I would be looking to get a text feedback of the actual password (most hackers do).

    So instead of giving them an easy to read text string as above try something different like putting in odd characters and my favorite SPACES, yes good old fashioned blank spaces can drive a hacker nuts.

    Your special password may become:

    "Egads Special_________________________________________ Pass word"

    Give it a go but do remember to maintain the exact password in a seperate file or hardcopy somewhere. Forget how many spaces, underscores etc and your stuffed.


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