Locking cells in Word document

  • i have inserted a table in a Word 97 document that is used as a form for users to enter information. Some of the cells are title cells that I do not want changed by those who will use the form. How can I lock these cells i don't want chaged?

  • Dennis, Thanks for the tip, but I need more instruction for how to insert a form field. What type? Where is the menu item? does it have to run from a macro?

  • First of all you need to decide which bits of the document you would like protected e.g. you say you would like the title protected

    Insert the cursor on the first line underneath the title and go to Insert > Break > Section Break, Continuous.

    Repeat this where each section ends.

    Once you have inserted all of the section breaks go to Tools > Protect Document > Forms > Sections > and check each section that you wanted protecting e.g the Title will be section 1.


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