How can I control character display?

  • Hi all,

    Is there a website that I can reference where I can locate a complete quide on properties and methods. I am trying to control character display and I don't know the proper syntax and naming convention for all options. For instance:

    ActiveCell.Character(where can I find a list of the options that go here? )


  • Thanks bnix,

    I tried the object browser first. It does not reveal the arguments associated with Characters, such as, Characters(arg1:=argument name, arg2:=argument name, and so on). That's what I'm looking

    Anyway, I appreciate your response, thanks for the info. I will try MSDN maybe I'll find it there.


  • I know you said you wanted an online resource, but I though I would throw this out there anyway. This would be a good reference for you to find the information you are looking for.

    Excel 2000 VBA Programmers Reference
    by John Green, Stephen Bullen, Felipe Martins, Brian Johnson

    I found it on Amazon for about 18.00

  • Thanks bnix,

    I quess I was not going far enough into the object model. As it turns out there are only two arguments associated with the object 'character', start and length, respectively. To acheive my desired results, I managed to workaround this issue using an alpha character combined with the 'character' object.

    Thanks Again,

  • Its worth adding befre buying books or spending – remember you have the internet, look at this as the worlds biggest library. Look up the small section of a book you want

    Open google search engine and search:

    properties VBA+Excel

    You will find you get untold hits and read a few suitable pages, then you can decide and read more, so much out there, worth a shot.

    I do not know a complete listing as you request, but this will answer most issues.

    This site in VBA section is rich with VBA codes, check out the sections might be of help and use the search facility, you be surprised what turns up.

    Some good books out there Dave [Ozgrid] has a books selection also – worth the check?


    Jack in the UK

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