Bubble Chart Z-Axis Scaled to Show Zero's

  • I have several bubble plots which I'm using the bubble size to show one of three strategic scores. In many cases the score for the Z-Axis (size) will be Zero, so that point doesn't show up on the chart. How can I set the Z-Axis scale of a bubble plot to show Zero's as the smallest bubble size rather than one's as the smallest bubble size?

    I've tried this approach: http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/ControlBubbleSizes.html
    with the smallest value being -1 or -5. Didn't work.

    Using Excel 2013, Windows 7.

  • Re: Bubble Chart Z-Axis Scaled to Show Zero's

    Can you get "close enough"? If you make the value 0.1, it would still show up on the chart, but you could format the numbers/labels to not show decimal places, and thus it would appear to be "0".

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    Luke M
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