Write to .ini file fails - cause?

  • Hi,

    I'm using for a while succesfull API calls to read/write to .ini files.
    now i would like to manipulate a certain ini file, but it won't change the value after a SaveIniKey operation.
    question now is what could cause this behaviour?

    here's the code i use to read/write to the ini file

    As you can see, i use the same variables for reading & writing to the ini file, with the exeption of the sfName variable for writing.
    sfName could be : \\Bvwsrv01\bvw\AV\Operations\HASS\6. Profiles\1. DU8x5\DU8x5_32G_V1_00.prf

    The first Debug.Print line returns me: /X/Operations/HASS/6. Profiles/2. KDU1080_1500/Final_HASS_KDU1080_15G_V4_00.prf
    the second Debug.Print line returns me the same string, even that the variable sPrfFileName = \\Bvwsrv01\bvw\AV\Operations\HASS\6. Profiles\1. DU8x5\DU8x5_32G_V1_00.prf

    lngValid returns 0
    the file attributes Hidden & Read-only arent NOTchecked.

    here's a snipset of the ini file i want to manipulate:

    Any idea why this isn't working?
    Possible that any file attributes that prevent the file to change?

    best regards,

  • Re: Write to .ini file fails - cause?


    after some browsing on the net i found following code to return the error message string:

    the returned message is: Access is denied.

    Any one a clue why the access is denied?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Re: Write to .ini file fails - cause?

    sorry for the post, it seems to be that i don't have permission on this folder. :(
    So used that everything works imediately that i didn't think that there could be restrictions on the folder level.


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