Using a selection from a list to poulate adjoining cells

  • Hello,

    I have a database which records a lot of patient information. one section of my sheet records the treating consultant followed by his/her speciality and then the name of the hospital he/she works at. I found that staff were spelling names etc. wrong so I restricted entries by using data validation which links back to a list on a seperate sheet in my workbook.

    However, staff are still entering the wrong information as it relates to the doctor. To resolve this issue I was hoping that I could set up my workbook so that once the doctor is selected from the list it automatically fills the following 2 cells with the correct information.

    If you look at the example I have uploaded, you will see that I am using named lists rather than cell references, I have to do this as my workbook is split into a lot of different sheets based on a patients location and it makes it a lot less time consuming to have my list centralised if i need to add people to my lists.

    At the moment, sheet1 column A is linked to the list in sheet 2 column A from row 2-11 (named 'consultant'), sheet1 column B is linked to the list in sheet2 column A from row 15-21 (named 'speciality') and sheet1 column C is linked to the list in sheet2 column A row 24-27 (named 'hospital').

    I would like if selecting a doctor from the list would fill the next 2 cells with the information as it appears in sheet 2 which was a reference list which i put together for the staff but nobody seems to use it.

    Any help you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for your help.

  • Re: Using a selection from a list to poulate adjoining cells

    Hi Gizzmo,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty new to all this stuff, all I've needed to do up to now has been sumproduct formulas and basic stuff like that. Would you mind breaking this down for me? Pretend you are talking to a 6 year old child and I might be able to follow :) Thanks!

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