VBA and networked computers out of sync

  • I'm not sure if this is an Excel/VBA issue, but I set something up for my sister's business, just a simple invoicing system in an Excel file on a shared drive used by two PCs. For a while it worked ok but at some point over the last month it has got out of sync and has different entries depending on which PC it is opened. The only reference to the network in the code is to check the user name of the terminal and the drive on which it is shared, for saving purposes. Other than that, it is a self-contained document.

    Does anyone have any thoughts? I'm clueless about networks.

  • Re: VBA and networked computers out of sync

    I'm guessing there are now two copies of the file, one on each drive. You could check for that by each PC opening the workbook at the same time. If they show different things, then check the path each has.

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