Macro for splitting sheet

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to split the attached sheet into different files currency wise (reference column K). For e.g. for all USD Deals the sheet should form a seperate file as USD.xlsx

    The data could go on till row 40000 also.

    Also it should save in folder named Trade.

    if some one could guide me that would be really handy.

    Anyone :(

  • Re: Macro for splitting sheet

    i just wrote it a few days back see if this helps...

  • Re: Macro for splitting sheet

    Hi Ashu,

    Thanks for your reply. But after opening a new module and pasting above Macro, i am not able to view macro and run it after pressing ALt + F8

    I am really novice on VBAs, guidance please :(

  • Re: Macro for splitting sheet


    Have you ensured that you have a Sub statement at the start of the routine?

    Paste this into the top of the code that has been listed above:

    Sub Transfer_USD()

    From looking at the code above, it is not very relevant to what you are trying to do. I think it's just something for you to borrow from.

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