$30 Help with marketing exercise (P-values)

  • Hi Excel Gurus -


    Please see excel file above. I am trying to analyze data in 2 different sets for a marketing exercise.

    Columns A-F is the first step where I am trying to determine which mode of marketing works the best - Direct Media or Social. I wanted to ensure the scores did not happen by chance so ran a test and have the p values in Column D. Column F was a function that includes conditional formatting and if it is highlighted in red I do not use either mode because they are not significant. Am I interpreting this correctly? Is there another function I can use to do this automatically?

    Scores are on a scale of 1-99 where 1 is the best score and 99 is the worst.

    Columns I - W is the 2nd step where I am trying to determine which customer preferences I want to advertise with (Music, sports movies). I also ran a t test and got P values in column M-O. My conditional formatting and functions are in Column U-W. What I really want to know at the end of the day is what preference do these personas have? I'm not sure how to interpret this using the P values...can someone help with a function that will show this?

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