Save workbook with name cells text

  • Hello,

    I want to save an excel workbook with the text of 3 cells in the name.
    Cells C6, B9 and C9 are the cells who contains the info.
    So I want to save the workbook like:

    NewName = Sheets("Appreciation").Range("C6 & B9 & C9").Text

    But the range is not recognized.
    What is the right code?

    Thanks in advance

  • Re: Save workbook with name cells text

    Hi aisietie,

    Although it's not the answer to your question, you would refer to a range of non-contiguous cells with

    Set rng = Range("C6,B9,C9")

    but you can't use that with the .Text (or .Value) property.

    The simplest way of coding the concatenation of those three cells is

    With Worksheets("Appreciation")
        NewName = .[C6] & .[B9] & .[C9]
        ' Or alternatively
        NewName = .Range("C6").Value & .Range("B9").Value & .Range("C9").Value
    End With


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