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  • Hi All,

    Last week someone of this forum helped me a lot with writing a piece of code. Thanks again.
    But now I need to expand my code a bit. I need some help to extract some sheets and save it as a .ebm file.

    This doesn't sound to difficult, but still there is a difficult part in my code. Right now in my code I create some new sheets ( destsheet in my code ). I need those newly added sheets to be exported right away in a .ebm format with a time stamp.

    Here is my code:

    Hope someone can help me again. Thanks guys.

  • Re: Export workbook

    Hi Norie,

    Not ignorant at all buddy, It is an extended enanabled macro file type.

    I have the solution already. I will post it in a moment. And yes excel can save with that file type.

  • Re: Export workbook

    This is the solution..

    Hope it will help someone in the future.

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