Windows 2000 SysAdmin?

  • Hi everyone. I know this is not a system forum, but you have all been so great with helping me on programming issues. I still have a big problem, bigger than all my little ones -- I don't know my way around a Windows system. I feel like a baby in diapers without a command line. How do you get anything done? Today, I would like to know how to list the contents of my directory (any directory) and pipe it to the printer. Tomorrow- The Windows World. Read any good books on it lately? Thank you again and for your patience-

    AA :thanx:

  • Hi Dreamboat and thank you for helping me again. I tried to say thanks yesterday but my replies couldn't "find the page". I did find some stuff, one was a slow-loading screen shot tool, but this looks better. I can't wait to see what kind of "command line" shell I get...
    Thanks again-

    AA :)

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