multiple Office Version Environments

  • I created a vba app accross ACAD/EXCEl/OUTLOOK, what do I do with multiple
    Office Environments?

    Half of the drafters have Office 2000, and half Office 2003. The object
    libraries obviously don't match.

    (I am new at this...)

    We are all on ACAD2k5. The app was developed in O2K3. I am vaguly aware of
    compiling the code, but I know that there is a lot of work needed in order
    to create an.dll or .exe. Am I correct that much of the code has to change
    from .dvb to create a compiled .dll or .exe?

    I do have Visual Studio 6 in the office.

    Some problems I have already encoutered in the test I ran quickly to cimpile

    ThisDrawing. (errors)

    End (errors)

    Thats just the beginning.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  • I just read about late binding. Currently, I just opened up the .dvb file on the Office 2000
    machine, and changed the Reference Object Libraries to the Office 9, and
    Outlook 10, which match their machine, and Saveas a 2K.dvb version. It works
    for now, but in the long term, I will want to compile the code. I am
    researching it now.
    I think this is in the right direction....Anybody have any other ideas?

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