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  • Hi people

    I am new to the forum as well a noob to Excel.

    See my attached file of what I want to accomplish...I need help with VB code to insert my selected km's from a drop down menu.

    The drop down menu have cities called "from" and "to"

    Kilometers I have to ad manually,which I have no problem with,my only problem is if all the data is in my millage sheets I want to select two cities which in return will give me the difference in kilometers and that kilometer's eg( 9 km) will go automatically in my report.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Try using the attached file. I've created dynamic ranges "Mileage_Table", "From_City" and "To_City", and set up validation cells (drop-downs) on each row on sheet "2009" (cols C and D). Finally, mileage in column G is calculated via INDEX/MATCH formula. This might be a simpler solution to writing VBA code to do what you need.



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    Thank you will give it a shot.

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    The perfect solution :0 Thanks so very much.Now just gonna fine tune it a little bit more.Appreciate your input.

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