password protection of a workbook

  • Hi guys,

    Is it possible to password protect a whole workbook.

    I.e someone goes to open the workbook and it asks for a password and if they enter it wrong they can not enter the workbook


  • Hi Steve,

    When you do a SaveAs you should see an 'Options' box. Click on this and you will be prompted for a password to save the file. This password will then be required to open the workbook (so don't lose/forget it! ;) )

  • Hi Steve,

    Yes, that's possible. In the Save As dialog box, click the tools button and then select general options. There, you can specify a password.


  • Hi Steve,

    Don't rely on it though.

    Anyone with enough intelligence to visit this or any of the other VBA boards on the net can easily find ways round the protection facilities available with Office.


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