Excel XP advantages?

  • I am using Excel 2000.
    I know that there are technical links you could point me to, but from your experience what is the "Wow that's :thumbcoo:!" with Excel XP and what is the :flame:?

  • Hi
    Probably the best advantage is the Autorecover that saves a version automatically if you have a problem.
    Also the Userforms look much cooler.


  • the clipboard stuff and pasting reminders and green triangles that appear all over the place are a pain at first.... takes a while to get rid of them all

    sometimes, the autorecover is astounding.... you can nearly switch off the machine and have excel pop right back up at the exact point you left off at (well, nearly...)

    also the function reminder is neat as you begin to type a formula in

  • I will always say win 95 and office / excel 97 is more than enough for any home or office, unless you are a very advanced user, i am not. Win95 E97 will do it all its still as powerful without some bells a whistles, which are goodies but in my opinion not must have’s.

    You run Win2K so you can choose, no update from M$soft from Office 97 is worth the investment in my opinion.

    Xp will be replaced by Office 11, its not going to surprise you much !!!

    Not worth the high price just yet!


  • I understand that Office 11 apps (including Excel) will not be backwards compatible. But maybe that's just an urban legend. :) I'll try & find a link to confirm/deny.

    EDIT: OK, its seems the compatibility issue is that Office11 requires Win2000 SP3 or Windows XP, & will not run on Win98/ME or earlier.

  • Jack - you know when you do a function via the function paster thing and you have to scroll through the boxes..... in XP it pops up below the formula as you write it, highlighting each section of the arguement you're in..... it's really really useful for nesting multiple ifs and nesting multiple formulae within each other

    you know... the =IF(ISNUMBER(MID(OFFSET(A1,3,4,5,6),2,5)=TRUE),"Jack","Chris") sort of things

    it's really handy for keeping you aware of where you are in a biggie - something I found confusing in '97 (actually it's the XP that got me used to being able to track where I was in a formula, hence me now being able to sometimes do them in my head over the phone !!) :guitar:

  • That’s a very good point Chris and Xp only, and darn valuable, like i say Xp is for advanced users.

    E11 i am due to test at length so ill let you know what i find, im also negotiation to b full beta tester on Excel office ASAP. most probable tell me to bog off, but hell i can try.

    E11 im sure will be OK backwards compatible, ill check this first thing and post up.

    It just a bit hard to kick my mate off his PC so i can play, things are better as we are on Beta 2 not 1, and ships 1 or 2 1/4s i guess.

    One massive advantage but still not good is the help files if you have no net access. Very good.


    BTW another pig is for developers like us, you have hard issue to multi run versions of office or Excel gets on my Excel !!

    Careful loading and configuration is needed, I understand why fully well, but really !!!

  • Hi younger XL-collegues!

    I total agree with JIUK, that for most people the Office 95 / 97 and 2000 are still valid and an update to XP can't be justified unless You have some "free" money to waste.

    Every new version include some good tools and some whistle & bells, which we also pay for.

    Chris/JIUK have pointed out some good tools.

    For an genuine XL-geek XP have two superiors properties:

    - A calculation-engine that is very fast.

    - Can handle XL-files > 120 MB...

    MS have always make sured that new releases works in an acceptable way with older files and fileformats. The same thing is with Office 11.

  • At work I'm using WIN 98 & XL97SR2.

    At home I'm using WIN XP & XL97SR2.

    These combinations fairly rock and do everything the above average user / developer could want.

    Even if your getting into advanced stuff there is always an alternative work around to some to the sleek geek tools in the later versions.

    Another great advantage of using 98/97 or XP/97 is forward compatability with later versions of Win and XL. Hard to allways be sure of Multi-platform compatabiity with XL2000 or XLXP ?

    Well that's my two cents worth.


  • Hi Egad

    From my using of XP I find the best new feature is the 14 levels of sheet Protection.

    The new Formula de-bugging is no too bad, although I still prefer to step through via the Paste Function Wizard.

    I like the ease of use for New Web Query. It places arrows on all the Tables for the page you query, making it very easy to pull in only part of a Web page.

    Here is that technical link you didn't want :nana:


  • Quote

    MS have always make sured that new releases works in an acceptable way with older files and fileformats. The same thing is with Office 11.

    Sort of...


    Features I like in XP:

    1. More options in the Paste Special dialog box.

    2. More options in the protection dialog box

    3. Smart tags

    4. Auto file recovery (helped greatly in two cases)

    Software: OpenOffice 3.0/NeoOffice 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Humanware: Older than dirt

    Old, slow, and confused - but at least I'm inconsistent!

    (retired Excel 2003 user, 3.28.2008)

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