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  • I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but I need some basic help on dividing in excel. In the top bar I press and type =QUOTIENT(5, 2) and it comes out to 2.00000 rather than 2.500000. What is wrong? Thus, the .5 is cutoff. To complete my task I need up to 6 or 7 accurrate decimal places. Thanks.

  • click on your cell and choose Format. See how many decimal places your number is formatted to.

    Format>Cell>Number and adjust the number of decimal places (default is 2)



  • Thanks for the response Roy. Unfortunately, when I increase the decimal places it does not make it more precise. For instance I have it on two decimal places and I type in =QUOTIENT(5,2) and get 2.00. When I increase the decimal places I get 2.00000. I need it to be precise. For example if I were to type in =QUOTIENT(5,3) excel would give me 1.0000. I need this answer to read 1.6666667 rather than just 1. If someone could help that would be great I'm trying to complete grades for a class and there due tomorrow. Thanks.

  • Apologies if i'm missing something really obvious here.....

    but why not just

    =5/2 or

    then use roy's cell formatting to get the desired number of decimal places...

    hth :thumbup:

  • "=QUOTIENT(5, 2) and it comes out to 2.00000 rather than 2.500000. "

    The function is performing as expected, given that quotient() is defined as:

    "Returns the integer portion of a division. Use this function when you want to discard the remainder of a division."

    Given that you do want the remainder, you are using the wrong function. A simple division would prbably suffice, as has been suggested.

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