Pulling Data from other workbooks

  • Hi,

    i'm having some trouble coming up with a clean way to pull data from another workbook(s). For example, wb 1 contains 3 set of data; column a = alphabets a through z, column b contains month end dates and column c contains a value.

    How do i in wb 2 (new worksheet) only pull in data for letters, a, t, s, b and e based on a date i specify?

    right now i'm using a very messy "sumproduct formula." for example, i'm using sumproduct((daterange=wb1daterange)*(letter=wb1letter)*(wb1.value)

    my end result would be to pullin the value from wb 1 using two or three critierias in wb 2.

  • Re: Pulling Data from other workbooks

    this works for me


    note the syntax of using OR in SUMPRODUCT

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