Extract trendline equation to a cell

  • I need to extract a text from a trendline equation in a chart. How can I put the equation in a cell. And if it's possible, how can I put all the variables in each cell.
    i.g. the equation is y= 0,052x2 + 17,2x + 180 (inside the box of a trendline)and I want to get this: A1= 0,052; A2= 17,2 and A3= 180. Anyone can help me?

  • Fapim,

    No too hard as long as you know how to use Visual Basic Code.

    You'll need to read between the lines as I don't have time to customise a solution for you. Let me know if your stuck and I'll see what I can do.

    Essentially we are looking at what sort of trendline it is and then extracting the equation. We then use a substitute function to replace the non recognised characters with worksheet rec ones and throw the equation into the worksheet.

    Simple huh ?


    The attached example will help.

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