Y-axis Labels - Dynamic Chart

  • Hi all,

    I have generated the attached dynamic chart. One issue I have is as follows: the chart picks up the results from column H on the Y-axis which is what I need HOWEVER I need the labels to be against the grade (column G). How can I change the labels to match column G in exchange for the corresponding results in column H?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Re: Y-axis Labels - Dynamic Chart

    Yes this is exactly what I need. How did you do it? I need to apply this change to other charts in different workbooks. Thanks for the info.

  • Re: Y-axis Labels - Dynamic Chart

    I clicked on each individual data label on your graph and typed "=" (without ""), then clicked on the corresponding grade in the column G. The end result would look something like this =Sheet1!$G$4.

    Depending on the amount of graphs/data points you have, there may be a solution already available through VBA to automatically do this with a macro.

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