Not to show data if cell is blank

  • Hello folks,

    I'm using Excel 2007 and I have a question that I was wondering if anybody can help me out. Please see the attached file. I'm working on a loading plan file for a particular aircraft, a manual form should our load planning system ever goes out.
    I'm looking for a formula that will not show if data in a particular cell is blank:

    example 1
    -under the weight section in this, you will find:
    -CPT (stands for compartment), below that there are 3 positions (11, 12, 13). This is the different location inside the plane.
    -the next three columns are the type of contents being loaded: baggage (bags), cargo (crgo) and mail. Below these 3 columns you input a number, in this case, the weight for either bags, crgo or mail.
    -once I input the weight info into each of the categories, it is automatically transferred onto the Loading Instructions part.
    -under the loading instruction section, you will see the data from the input for the three CPT number I mentioned, (11,12,13), the next column are three letters, B=bags, C=cargo, M=mail; followed by the number to represent the weight.
    -This part is fine. I got this narrowed down.

    example 2
    -as before, inputting the weight data is the same.
    -so in this example, what I'm trying to do here is this:
    -In example 2, under the bags and crgo column, I input weight data for only CPT 11 and 13. CPT 12 will be blank Therefore, on the loading instruction section, you see it as:
    -11, letter to represent what content (in this case the letter B for bags), then the weight.
    -13, letter to represent what content (in this case the letter M for mail), then the weight.
    -how do I get the loading instructions section to only show what has been loaded into 11 and 13? Notice how 12 is missing on this part? how do I get that not to show up as seen in this example?
    -furthermore, since I input data into each category, i.e bags and mail, how do I get that cell (D38) to automatically display the letter to represent the content? Meaning, in this cell, since I input number under the bags column in the example, the letter B will show, etc.

    I'm not asking y'all to do the whole file. I just need help with the formula and I can take care of the rest. Yes, I have both sheets linked together hence why, for example, you looked at cell E16, you see the formula, =UPPER(C6) or =UPPER(example1!C17) if I have it linked to another sheet. Thank you for your advise in this matter.


  • Re: Not to show data if cell is blank

    it is not very clear (atleast to me) what exactly you want to do but have you tried the ISBLANK function that you can use to determine which cell is blank

    my suggestion to you would be that in your post you provide only the relevant explanation instead of describing functionality of ur worksheet which may not be germane to your immediate requirements

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