Multiple criteria wit INDEX

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been trying for hours but can't get it right.
    I have a table with the following (its actually more but for this purpose this is enough):

    ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC
    Newspaper Product Publish date

    It's a long list, working sheet, so when ever a product is published it is added, so there is no order in it.
    Since there is alot of other data in the working sheet, such as price, I need every input on a seperate row, especially to get my pivot table working

    What i want is to see the publishing dates for every newspaper and product on a row, like a pivot table:

    Newspaper 1 - Product A - Date1 -Date2- Date3 -Date4 and so on
    Newspaper 1 - Product B - Date1 -Date2- Date3 -Date4 and so on
    Newspaper 2 - Product A - Date1 -Date2- Date3 -Date4 and so on

    Started with this:
    INDEX($A$4:$C$34,MATCH(1,($A$2:$A$34=$E2)*($B$2:$B$34=$F2),0),3), but this will only return the first pulishing date, i need all

    so after a lot of work I ended up with this, but i loose the multiple criteria:

    E2 is searchcriteria for column a newspaper..
    F2 is searchcriteria for column b product..

    I need to put in the product criteria as well but i can't get it rigt. Tried with AND after IF but nope...

    The original list is over 10000rows so i realy need a working function

    Hope someone can help

    PS The attached file is swedish excel so mainly , is ; MIN is MINSTA IF is OM


  • Re: Multiple criteria wit INDEX

    one approach


    note this is an array formula and needs to be conformed by Ctrl+Shift+Enter

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