Check cells content based on condition

  • Hello Everybody!
    I need a little help here.
    I have a table of wires. And some of them are called double crimps (DC).
    I need to check if this DC is real or false.
    Here comes my problem. I don`t know how to do this.
    My knowledge of coding is really low but,
    I`m thinking of a cycle that goes through column C and looks for value DC. (This is my main issue i don`t know how to start here)
    when it founds (it in the file row 7) it must look at the next row to see if it is again DC. if not - err msg must come. If yes - this creates a working group (row 7 and 8). At this working group it need check if values on column F and column G are the same. if they are the same it must check if values of column A are the same. if some are different - err msg. If ok need go to the next row after this working group (in this case row 9) and continue the check.[ATTACH=CONFIG]64591[/ATTACH]

    Can someone help me with some code?

    Thanks in advance !

  • Re: Check cells content based on condition

    As simple as possible...

    No explicit references to worksheets so needs to go in the class module for the worksheet it checks.

  • Re: Check cells content based on condition

    see if this code helps

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