input box/ msgbox or something else!

  • Hi,
    from what I ca gather you want a message box where you can only press 1 button on that message box?
    Have a look through the help file for msgbox function, there is a setting you can use vbOkonly, this should have a message box with only an ok button.

  • Something like this....

    Dim Msg, Style, Title, messageBox

    Msg = "There has been a problem, click ok to continue"
    Style = vbOkonly
    Title = "Error"

    messageBox = msgBox (Msg, Style, Title)


  • sorry my question was not explained well, i think a userform may be best

    I need to two buttons one Yes, the other NO, think a userform will be best!


  • You can still use a message box if you wanted, just change vbOkonly to vbYesNo.
    You'll get a messagebox with 2 buttons - yes and no.

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