Consolidating worksheets (vba code or formula)

  • I'm trying (without success) to consolidate two worksheets in two separate tabs within the same file. They have come from the same source file that was too large to export all of FY2014 data, so it was broken up into semi-year (Q1-Q2, and Q3-Q4). They have the same exact structure/format, however trying to consolidate them is not working.

    The Q1-Q2 file: A1..X553210 with a header row
    The Q3-Q4 file: A1..X619378 with a header row

    I tried using the following Code I found off the internet, which DID create a new tab called "Consolidated", but it only copied and pasted the Q3-Q4 file cell for cell and row for row (duplicate):

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    Have you read the Forum Rules yet?

    All VBA code posted in the forum must be wrapped in code tags, which you omitted, including single-line code snippets.
    Please make an immediate edit of your post to add the missing tags. Be sure to use them in future posts.

    [COLOR="navy"]How to use code tags[/COLOR]


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    Or, just highlight all of the code and press the [COLOR="#FF0000"]#[/COLOR] button to add the code tags.


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    here's some code that might need adapting to suit

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