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    I happened to notice in the forum rules page that the post dates have an "until" date included - does this mean the post will expire after this date? If so we will have no rules in just over a month - anarchy may arise, there will posts upon posts with no code tags and endless threads entitled "NEED HELP - URGENT!" The society of OzGrid could collapse to its knees with a final gasp of "cross.........p...p..posted............euuuaaggrrhrhhhhhhh......" amongst the dust clouds of VBA and array formulas.

    Or you know, there could be another reason...


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    Much as you might think, what it means...


    End Date
    This determines when the announcement disappears from the end-users view. The announcement will not be deleted after the end date; rather it will simply be hidden from the end-user. You will still be able to view, edit, and/or reactivate the announcement from the Admin CP or Mod CP after the End Date.

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    Reafidy, I'm glad order has been preserved for this little corner of the internet :) and cytop, going that extra mile will stop the OCD ticks and allow me to sleep safely...... eventually..... when I finish this pesky COM add-in....

    haleem100, welcome to the party!

    If you have a question you can use the site's search facility and see if it's already been answered. If you still need an answer then you can check out the "Excel Help" forum (assuming it's an Excel-based question) and hit the "+POST NEW THREAD" button at the top of the page. I would strongly advise checking out the FORUM RULES before doing so - including Reafidy's part about good thread titles.


    In case anyone thinks S O has finally flipped - there was an interloper who posted asking how to to post a message... (!)
    S/He was advised, via PM, to follow a link and click the big 'Post New Thread' button that'll be visible, and the message was removed. Also advised to read the rules, ignored...

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