Userform add data to 2 sheets at the same time

  • Hi,

    With a userform I am entering data to the "Combined" sheet in my workbook. Now that I got that part working I am trying to send the same data to a second page at the same time. The data in the textbox named Reg2 (Job Type) should determine what the second sheet should be and place the data in the next row with the same number it is entered in the combined sheet

    Also when I go back and update a job in the different job sheets, I would like that same job to update in the "Combined" Sheet at the same time. On the "Eavestrough" sheet I have a userform that pops up when highlighting the entire row. In that userform I can update the job and paste it back into the same row.

    I hope this makes sense...

    I have attached a sample workbook with a couple of job sheet and the combined sheet.

    I would really appreciate some help with this.

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