Quick link to use a macro

  • Morning,

    I have recorded some code on a macro to anaylise a regularly requested information that our purchasing manager would find really helpfull.

    The problem that i have is that I would like to have a button or something that I can then setup on his excel that he could use that will run this macro straight away.
    All I can find out is that you have to save this code to his personal.xlsb file. This then requires the gentlemen to (bearing in mind he isnt that great with excel):-
    - to opening a blank excel sheet
    - copying the xcel informoation that is pulled off of our accounts package then onto it
    - then hit alt+F8
    - selecting the right macro for it to start.

    Is is possible that you dont have to go through this palava and you could simply press something and it wold work straight away.

    Kindest regards regards and thank you for any help you could offer.

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