Display Name Range as Image based on Choice List Selection

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm a bit stuck. I've got a workbook with approximately 100 ranges named appropriately. What I would like to do on a new sheet is display one of the name ranges based on a choice list selection.

    The choice-list options are exact matches to titles of name ranges. I would prefer it just be an image of the name range rather than Cell by cell. Not all of the cells contained in ranges are standard size, so pasting cell by cell would require some resizing each time. I don't need to do anything with the image that is return, simply need to view it.

    One thing I've done:

    I wrote a macro that triggers saving name ranges as images to a folder on my hard drive periodically. I was able to insert & link these images and use the indirect function to accomplish a similar task. However, I don't want to rely on images on a harddrive. I prefer everything be contained in the spreadsheet itself rather than referencing external information.

  • Re: Display Name Range as Image based on Choice List Selection

    You could write a bit of code around the code below to achieve what you want:-
    NB:- Where range "A1" is perhaps a DropDown (Validation list) of named ranges

    Dim x As Object
    Set x = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Paste(Link:=True)

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