Reset format values in excel

  • Somebody help please!!!

    I wrote a macro to auto-replace a specified 4 digit no. with a description (i.e. "8803" is replaced by "aircraft parts, balloons, etc..") i have since deleted that file and did not realize it continues auto-replace. My question is how do I stop it, I can't see any modules, and there are no files in xlstart. I'm assuming I've managed to make it part of the XL program somehow. If anybody how to correct please let me know.

    P.S. I've already tried re-installing

  • Sounds like you might have the code set to fire in the workbook_open module, or in the worksheet_SelectionChange module. These will not appear as normal modules. In your VBE, look in the left for the folder Microsoft Excel Objects and double click on ThisWorkbook to see if there is anything there, do the same for the sheet with the errors.

  • i re-read what i wrote and wow!!! horrible english, i apologize for that.

    bnix, thank you for your reply, but i went thru that and there isn't any macros there either. i verified that no workbooks were automatically opening. i can't even re-format my cells, becuase the list i wrote for it replaces certain numbers, and has apparently become the format. anytime i write "8803" it becomes something else. this happens when i open a new book or any book for that matter.

    i opened excel in safe mode, and it does n't do that, so i assume the macro is running somewhere. any other suggestions?

    thanks in advance for your time

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