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  • i have word document of 700 pages that i want split based on page number ie:- after every 4 pages it should split and save as new file and the file name must be the criteria of page 1

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    Hi sachin483
    The basic way is like....

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    Thanks for macro but i have formatted the word file with landscape mode it is coming portrait and can the file name be the criteria based on line of 3 or 4 and i have kept the minimum margin for the word document, so the margin can also be fixed which was kept for original document

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    sorry for the delay

    the format and font should remained same if it is landscape mode the it should split in landscape or if portrait then portrait,after split the file name will the search criteria

    for example i want split the file by searching the key word -XP01 there are 4 pages it should create a new word file and append all the pages one below another like that i have around 500 pages in word which i have to separate based on criteria

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    too many variables with different word documents and formats page break rectangles shapes ect.....
    for the document suppled .. make a copy and run

    all that will be left will be the pages with XP01 in them

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