Searching for Duplicates

  • Hi Friends ,
    As shown for example in Col N O P... as in the following image…

    [Blocked Image:]

    I'm searching…

    For Each Row having Same Values in Columns A B C D …
    If there are some duplicates

    For Columns F I L
    -> Finding Duplicates
    -> Ordering from the Smallest to the Biggest (They can't be also ordered)
    -> Concatenating of them (also not ordered)

    I attach a sample file for greater understanding.

    Every suggestion and every form of help is appreciated;
    preferably in the form of Excel formula (also vba),
    such as to understand the process of what I research.

    Many thanks in advance to everyone who will come to my aid.

  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    The following macro seems to do what you ask. Check it and see.

  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    Hello Derk,

    with great pleasure I thank You for having solved in part what I want.

    One last thing is missing:

    I try to be concatenated only duplicate values... as highlighted in red in the N O P columns.
    Those values that occur only once should not appear in the result of the concatenation.

    [Blocked Image:]

    As shown in columns Q R S, I think that the posted image will clarify even better the result I want.

    I wait patiently for you.

    You are a BIG!
    Many Thanks again.


  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    Quote from Derk;749634

    I think I now understand what you would like. I am out of time today to make changes, but will do so tomorrow.

    You are great.
    Thanks for understanding what I want.

    See You tomorrow Derk.

    Many Thanks again.


  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    Try the attached

  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    Hello guys,

    I think we are close to the solution of what I want.

    jindon thank You for Your time, thank You again also Derk.

    As can be seen from the file that I enclose,

    jindon, Your macro works... just that there are still errors how I wish to be populated and chained values for each row.

    Guys there is an alternative to UBond ???

    Let me explain:

    For the search for values, can we use a for loop next...
    where the values are taken as follows ?

    - ) from the 2nd row
    - ) to the last non-empty row... in reference to column A ?

    ... For i = 2 to last_format_row ... ?

    Thanks so much to You for dedicated time to what I want.
    I await Your solutions.

    I apologize to attach the sample as follows:…ear.To.Solution.xlsm?dl=0


  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    OK you have duplicate group in separate block...

  • Solved: Searching for Duplicate group in separate block

    Quote from jindon;749707

    OK you have duplicate group in separate block...

    What a great thing You've solved to me jindon.
    Great Great!!!
    Really thanks!!!

    Many thanks to You and to Derk.

    Nice to have met You.
    See You next time.

    Really thank You again.


  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    I see Jindon came through with his code. For the record, here is my revision. (I'' take a look at your latest question, later.

  • Re: Searching for Duplicates

    Hi Derk,

    FrankieBlue, change to this. (found a bug as well)
    No need Screeupdating/Calculation set to false as it is doing everything within memory.

  • Re: Searching for Duplicates Solved

    Thanks both Guys.

    You were Great Great Great!!!

    I don't know what to say!!!

    I appreciate both of your cycles.

    I preferred to jindon for speed.

    I prefer regard to routine understanding the cycle of Derk.

    Many thanks to both still!!!

    I am speechless before your dedication and professionalism.

    Thanks again.

    I'm very very happy!!!!

    See you soon.


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