CreateObject("System.Collections.arraylist") Automation Error

  • I'm running 32 bit Excel 2013 Home and Student version with 64 bit Windows 8.1 installed on a VMWare virtual machine. When I try to run any macro involving Systems.Collection... I get an automation error on the CreateObject Line. For example, the following simple routine (from Jindon, I believe) fails.

    I know I can't use PowerPivot with my Excel version. Does anyone know if that also is a limitation in this case?

    Thanks for any advice or explanation. Google has so far been of no help.

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    That class is installed by default for most Windows machines as part of the standard framework files.

    I guess you could try downloading those framework files. Install through the virtual scheme somehow and see if that resolves the issue.

    This is old but maybe something newer along those lines would help.
    or the usual v4.0 files:…oad/details.aspx?id=17718

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    It depends on Windows version since System.Collection is a .Net Framework object.

    It should be installed automatically if your windows is 2003 or later.

    Check if you have


    Otherwise, you can install from MS.

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    Thanks to both of you for pointing me in the right direction. Jindon, I do have the Framework directory with stuff inside. Do either of you know the particular file I should be checking for in there?

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    Hi Derk,

    If I set the reference to


    It altumatically set the refence to mscorlib.dll and I can use early bind like

    Dim AL As ArrayList
         Set AL = New ArrayList

    Does this help?

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    Ahh, the light finally came on thanks to your hints, The Net Framework I have is 64 bit, but Excel is 32 bit, I suppose I could also install an older Framework Or I could just live without the few things MSCORLIB has to offer.

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    I also use Windows as a virtual machine (in my case using Virtual Box inside Linux Ubuntu), I have many VMs created with different combinations of OS and Excel version so that I can duplicate systems of anyone asking questions or client's systems. I run PowerPivot on just about every one and system.collections.... work on every system. I think it would be worth your while downloading the correct .Net Framework, and if you install the minimal Visual Studio you would probably find that PowerPivot could be installed too.

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