Date Range in Lookups?? Match based on range??

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  • I have a workbook, with two worksheets.

    One worksheet (Called "Contract") is 155,000 lines.

    It has part numbers (often duplicated) a contract price, and a date the price went into effect.

    It shows as example, Product 1 started at one dollar January one, and went up one dollar every first of the month, so each part has entries on the first of the month for the new price (dates are actually random)

    The other worksheet (called sales) is about 400 lines long, and has an invoice, a price charged, and an invoice date

    I want to import the contract price into the sales worksheet based on the day of the invoice.

    This is to show we charged equal to or less than the contract price in effect for the particulars invoice date.

    Any possible suggestions?

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