How do I do nested if/then statements in Excel?

  • I am trying to analyze data from a survey I completed earlier. I am probably using excel extremely inefficiently, but I wanted to use a statement that allows me to sort for two different things at once. Right now, I am using the following:

    IF (L78=AA$1, 1,0)

    to determine if an item in column L is the same as the header I created in column AA. But what I would like to do is create a similar IF statement that allows me to compare items in two separate columns, and if the condition is true, then put the contents of a third column in the space.

    Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated.

  • If( A1 = A2,if(A2>A3 ,"yep", "nope"),"never")

    Basically you can stack the If's in their appropriate then or else position.

    IF(something=1, Then, Else)

    You simply stack your next if in place of the (then or the else) Carefull with your close brackets.

    Clear as mud:D

  • You can also use the OR/AND operator in your formula



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