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  • At the end of the road on this problem,need any suggestion I can get. This is posted on another too.

    If I put this code on commandbutton it will open outlook in front of workbook,if I put a VBA Project password on it and close and save.When I reopen the workbook and run the code outlook opens behind the workbook? What does the password have to do with this? Looking for suggestions for a fix. Got to ask all the experts on this,two day of trying stuff with no luck
    Thanks for looking Z

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    Interesting little glitch - you don't mention the version (always nice to know for sillies like this) but also evident in Office 2010...

    Try this...

    I would have used the VBA AppActivate command in preference but I couldn't find the object/property that held the Window caption needed for AppActivate.

    Normally the FindWindow API function also needs the caption, but as there can only be 1 instance of Outlook the class name (rctrl_renwnd32) on its own is good enough.

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    Hi Kenneth,

    I copied the OPs code and pasted it into a module in a new workbook. Called it from a Forms button on a sheet, saved the workbook and quit Excel. Restarted, opened the workbook, clicked the button and Outlook ended up as the foreground app.

    Added a password to the project, saved & quit. Restarted, loaded and clicked the button - Excel was the foreground app. That was my understand of the problem as stated above, and for once I could replicate it! :)

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    Win 8.1/64 Office 2010/32

    Running your code on this machine has Excel as the foreground Window when the code terminates... I would attach my test workbook but it seems pointless.

    Edit - Odds on (caveat below) the OP is running Win 8/64.
    It seems to be Windows version specific. Issue not evident on Win XP/Office 2003 or 2007, Win 7/2007 or 2010 (All 32 bit) - However these are all running on virtual machines which are atypical installations.

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    Didn't I just mention 64 bit...? Oh, I got the version wrong :)

    Whatever the issue is then, it seems to be specific to 64 bit Windows installations - now wondering if it only affects 32 bit versions of Office running on 64 bit Windows.

    Might even tempt me to drag out a 64 bit version of XP and test on that...

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