Macro select based on Drop Down Selection

  • I am trying to have three actions (separate macros) to run based on a control button so that firstly select from the named drop down list, then push the control button linked to a macro which will look at the named selection and then based upon that selection run the associated macro.
    My drop down list is in a cell named "Choice", the data validation options are "First", "Second" and "Third" and the associated actions/macros are simply colour cell background, insert some simple text and put a border around cell.
    The names of the macros are Background, Text and Border again respectively.
    I have tried the following code with no success and would warmly welcome benefiting from the knowledge and experience of this forum
    Many thanks

    Sub CaseSelect()
    Select Case Range("Choice")
    Case ("Choice") = "First"
    Call Background
    Case ("Choice") = "Second"
    Call Text
    Case ("Choice") = "Third"
    Call Outline
    End Select
    End Sub
  • Re: Macro select based on Drop Down Selection

    Pike you're a legend, both have functionality I was looking for - many thanks, you're a legend.

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