Calculation required - I think

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    I have a spread sheet that is looking at performance by month
    What I would like to do is have a calculation in one cell that looks at the tend to see if the measure is improving or not

    How my sheet is set up

    In row 8 from Column "E" to "Q" I have the names of months Aug 2015 to Aug 2016
    In row 9 under each of the months I enter a performance figure

    In Row 9 Column "S" I want a calculation that looks at the data entered so far and works out a trend placing an arrow for 3 different scenarios Performance Improving = Arrow pointing up, Or Performance staying the same = Arrow sideways or Performance declining arrow pointing down (I would use the starting data as per the cell E8)
    with this calculation I need it to realise if there is blank data then it doesn't count this as Zero

    Can someone please help

    Thanks [/INDENT]

  • Re: Calculation required - I think

    Hi Shanethompson, and welcome to the forum! :)

    In S9, I'd put this formula:
    Then, we'll setup Condition Formatting, Icon Set, 3 arrows. May need to edit the rule so that Up arrow for when value is positive, horizontal when value is 0, and down when value is negative. I'd also set it to "Show Icon only"

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