Competition rules



    • The question must clearly state whether a VBA or FORMULA answer is required.
    • The question must include a target compatibility configuration. (e.g. "Must work on Windows 10/Excel 2013")
    • There must be at least one known valid answer to the question.
    • The question must supply all the required information for an answer (e.g. Example data set supplied)
    • The question must comply with the forum rules. (e.g. No questions about password breaking)
    • The question cannot give permission to amend any of the other rules for this game.


    • Members can only post 1 answer per question, any further answers will be deleted and will not count.
    • Once posted, answers will be "soft deleted" by an adjudicator to prevent it being seen or edited.
    • VBA answers must supply all the code required to fully execute the answer without error. (no undeclared UDFs!)
    • VBA answers must only contain one executable statement per line, use of colons (":") is not allowed.
    • Formula answers must be worksheet formulas only and cannot make use of any VBA or UDFs
    • The member that sets the question is not allowed to answer.
    • All answers must comply with the forum rules. (e.g. Use [NOPARSE]

      [/NOPARSE] tags for all VBA answers.)


    • Winning VBA answers are determined by the least amount of lines required. In the case of a draw, the least amount of characters will decide.
    • Winning FORMULA answers are decided by least amount of characters required.
    • The winner gets the opportunity to set the next competition question(s) and cannot enter the next 2 rounds in order to create a fair chance for others.

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