Excel Freezes for No Apparent Reason

  • I've always experienced Excel freezing up intermittently, but thought I might be over that when I bought a PC with 32 GB of RAM. Well, I was wrong again. In fact, it seems like it's happening more often than before. I've read several posts on the subject, but they all seem to be able to tie the freezes to an event like running a macro, saving, etc. I haven 't been able to connect my freezes with anything I'm doing. Generally, I use the Task Manager to shot down Excel and start over again.

    If anyone has any ideas how I can rid myself of this scourge you'll earn my highest esteem.

  • Re: Excel Freezes for No Apparent Reason

    Quote from S O;758425

    Do you happen to be running any macros when this happens? Or working with large data sets etc?

    More importantly, what version of Excel/Windows are you using?

    Negative on both counts. As I said, I haven't been able to link the freezes to anything. I'm running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

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