Count column if NOT a duplicate (Excel 2010)

  • I Have the following formula: =SUM(IF(K7:K3007<>"",1/COUNTIF(K7:K3007,K7:K3007),0)) in my spreadsheet which will count the instances the cells have text entered (I will be doing this in other columns as well, but different text). What I would like to do is ONLY count the text in the column that IS NOT a duplicate. Duplicates to be ignored. Please help. If needed, I will attach the file that I am working on (a Ham Radio logging program).

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    In order to count Unique values, you can test following :



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    The array formula the OP shows is for the question as asked.
    It's not what the OP wants because of what defines a duplicate.
    Duplication is determined by more than just this range and what is determined to be a duplicate is color filled orange, color index 44, via VBA not conditional formatting.

    The question should have been:
    Is there a formula that will count the non-blank cells in a range that are any color other than orange?

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    Thank you for the reply's. I have this part of the spreadsheet now working with everyone's tutelage. Getting close to a resolution of this particular logging program.

    Again, THANK YOU.

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