Vacation selection process by seniority

  • Been coming here a long time for answers and code snippets; now I'm faced with a problem I can't seem to answer.

    I was given a project at work to assist in the vacation selection process for all employees... I love new projects and tackling things like this but I can't quite wrap my head around how to get it done.

    We have had every employee fill out a vacation selection form. Each employee will have varying dates they have selected for 2016 and some will have none at all. Given our business type, only a certain amount of slots for vacations will be open on any given day and that amount can also vary.

    We also have seniority data ...

    This project will be utilized in other offices so I'm trying to streamline it and make it as "seamless" as possible. What I was thinking was a 5 sheet workbook like this:

    • Employees selections
    • Daily Time Off Limits (so each office can change that amount)
    • Seniority Data -- this is a direct export from our HR system so didn't want to mess with this data, just used for reference
    • Calendar (for a graphical representation of the year, each day with who requested each day regardless allotment)
    • Results tab with specifically who "won" the vacation bid for each day.

    Anyone have any good ideas for how I can set this up or even if you think I'm headed in the 'best' direction?

  • Re: Vacation selection process by seniority

    Quote from S O;762155

    Have the seniority data sorted with most senior at the top, use a MATCH() function to find the employee and whichever function returns the lowest number is the winner.

    Great idea! Sometimes I need to take a step back and think logically...

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