automating a series of macros using one macro

  • I have 8 different macros (all located in the same workbook) that I run. However, I would like a separate macro to run all of the 8 macros. Is this possible? If so, could someone help me?

    Please Help!!

  • Next time I find that I need a macro longer than 5 lines, I'm going to call it that. For me that'll be quite fitting!

    Good one, Egad!


  • Hey, its my code & hardly anyone else ever looks at it - so I ofen go for very descriptive yet unprofessional names. :guitar:

  • Dennis,

    yikes ! I structure my code like that :o

    do you mean that (say) if mini-sub3 had an error and you had "exit sub" then, okay, it would exit mini-sub3 but still carry on with the mother-subroutine ? (rather than exitting all together...)

  • Hi guys,

    I do generally structure my code with sub subs included in them....

    To get around the error handling thing instead of using Exit Sub I use that kills everything!!!

    Best Regards


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