Excel searchable Index for Word docs

  • Hi everyone! I want to write a manual in Word, and have an index for it (table of contents, whatever) in Excel, searchable by full or partial string matching. Any hints to get me started would be very appreciated...

    AA :thanx:

  • Hi AC,

    there are a couple of ways. One is to create the index (or whatever) in Excel and copy this as a link (Paste Special) into your Word document.
    Much easier is in my opinion to mark the frases you want to appear in the index and then Press Alt+SHIFT+X. At the location you want the index to appear just pull down the menu INSERT, choose Index and Tables and select the type of index (or whatever) you like.
    When the index is created just hang your cursor over the index, press the right mouse button and select Update. and Voila... your index is up to date, and no need for a second file or second application. :)

    In case your manual becomes too large, you can consider to create a master- with subdocuments. In that case not all your data will be lost if one file crashes.


  • Thank you SL, I will play with that, but I do think it seems too easy. Of course, the easier the better, if it gets the job done. Aya, the file will be HUGE before it's done.

    Hiya Dreamboat! Always good to get your attention, I've never gone wrong with your advice. Here's the scoop-- I need to build a reference library. It's gonna get real fluffy before it's done. :yikes: I hope to attach it, and the reports I need to generate from its constituent parts, to the Excel program I'm working on. In the short road, say I have these paragraphs stored somewhere. The standard preference seems to be Word. Okay, so WordA.doc has a paragraph, and a name. WordB.doc has a paragraph and a name. I want a (searchable) index of the names in the Excel Workbook such that if I click/select/whatever WordAdocName and WordBdocName, I create WordC.doc with both paragraphs in it. That's a nice tickler, eh? And as always, I'm open to suggestions if the plan is a flopper. In the long road, I want to learn everything I can about making Excel and Word communicate like old pals. Whaddya think?

    AC :thanx:

  • I just read my last post. Boy, do I sound pompous. Didn't mean to at all. My tone was intended more "older sisterly" than schoolmasterly. LOL!!

    Please forgive me.

    Anyway, YES, I have a HUGE suggestion. BUILD IT.

    1. With autotext entries if the text you want to add isn't so big.
    2. With a dialog if you want to put the components in separate files and pull them together.

    Here's some info for you:

    For me...I can help best if you either give me the EXACT scenario for its use, or give me a darn good sample scenario if the exact scenario is confidential. I can usually come up with something good.

    I'm just not a person who's gonna let you (without me yelling) use Excel for an app wherein you ought to be using Word. Too many people use the wrong app because it's the one they're comfy with. Let's get you comfy with Word instead. :)

  • Hi Dreamboat-

    I wasn't upset at all by your post; rather flattered at the familiarity, in fact. I'm pleased to get your help. The thread you sent is awesome, I've printed all the parts and can't wait to get started giving her a go. It looks like some very useful peices, I can hopefully arrange and change into just what I need.

    The application I'm working on is confidential, but I'd love to give you a better scenario, if I can. If there is a better way to go about all of this, I want to know it. Frankly, I'm not a bit comfortable with Excel yet, just faking it (and working hard at it) as I go. I only get a day or two a week to work on these projects, and I never saw Excel before a month ago!! You gurus have kept me floating...

    The reason boss wants it in Excel is because he's having me construct this huge project in Excel. It's "software" he wants his firm to use. It's basically a monster spreadsheet application for making lists and lists of calculations and some other stuff. He wants me to find a way to select things and generate reports, or have a user select things and generate letters. But he wants everything tied into the spreadsheet application. That's why I'm thinking I need Excel to talk to Word.

    I haven't learned to make a user form yet, but maybe I need to now.

    Another shot at describing a small scenario to start with:

    I need to automate document creation. Say I have 2 clients. Their needs have been identified, by a checklist or something. Say I provide 5 services, service A - service E. Client 1 needs services A, C, D, and E. Client 2 needs services B, D, and E. The client submits the form, or clicks selection buttons in an Excel Worksheet, and a short paragraph is "pulled" from some storage place (preferrable ALL linked to this spreadsheet application) describing the service we will provide. The output is a letter for each client, with specific information about services we will provide, and a final paragraph where the calculated cost for all services will be inserted. Viola, an automated system to generate letter "quotes" for our services.

    Sounds like all Word stuff, really, and not Excel. But how do I keep it in a unit I can port with the Excel application? The library will also be a reference library (not just correspondence automation) whereby the associates can "look up" programs they need and pull them up for veiwing with a click. I will need, eventually, to build a huge reference and doc automation system. I'd be happy to start with some real control over Word.

    Your help is most appreciated, honestly. And I'm going to try some of this stuff you sent from the "big kids" forum. I still think I'm too wimpy for that room, but maybe I should hang in there more and flex my muscles...

    You gals and guys are great...

    AC :thanx:

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